About Our Services

Omega Replica Watches We provides services as per over vision “To Be A Best Real Estate Service Provider Company” and in this regards we follow our tag line

“A legacy of Trust & Services”

We strongly believe in long term relations with our customers and Business associates which results an environment of trust and it can be maintained only through best in class services

Project presentation

We will give you a comprehensive overview of all the apartment in Presentation form

Resale Support to associate’s Clients.

With property support, we will also give support on the resale of the property

Marketing promotion support.

For our partner, we will also help in marketing promotion of the project that they want us to promote

Resale Assistance.

Resale support with a resale assistance

Our Services

Our services include consultant, Investment advisory, project presentation, Site visit Support, Booking documentation & Acknowledgement, and home loan assistance.

We help our customers with all-around support from getting them the right property as per preference to best prices for the apartment that they buy .



Investment advisory.

We provide investment advisory for people who want to know how to invest and what are the procedure on it.

Home loan assistance

We give you a brief on how to get and take a home loan from the bank.

Demand collection and Acknowledgement Support.

With this, we also provide Support in Possession formalities. Resale Assistance.

Recruitment and training.

We provide recruitment and training for people who want to learn how to start in this property business.

Site Visit support to Customers

We help the customer to get the right property by taking them to the site where they can see the property that they want to buy

Post sales support to Associates till possession of property.

With this, we also provide Joint Call with clients, Site Visit support to Customers, Support in closing the deals.


We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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