1. Buy and hold maybe a common land investment strategy, especially among new investors. With this land strategy, the investor will buy a rental property, find a tenant to rent it, and collect the regular income. While this strategy is most frequently thought of during residential land, it also can be utilized in commercial land. Often, investors will start with only one investment property and increase their portfolio over time.
  1. To grow you’re first you need a target to approach to Finding the people and grow your network. To find the best land for Buying And Selling strategies. The connected persons will help you to connect the buys and sellers and they can also help you financially and gives you advice for business-related like how to grow your business? 


3. Networking is most profitable than a target to approach the people it helps to grow our business in a very short time. You can set the meetings to connected people to our company you can discuss the strategies to grow our business and the people will help you to reach your business and achieve your goal and you can properly focus on your goal. You can have meetings with people like individuals and group discussions to understand the people and how they can help you to grow your business.


4. Social media is very useful to grow your business very well and very fast so, don’t be afraid of social media because social media is a very big platform for growing business. 2.8 billion people on social media they can watch you socially and are your wish then you can grow your business only in your country or worldwide level you can grow your business. If you can run on social media it’s impossible to people ignore you can run ads, and posts on social media platforms like “YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER’’ then people will watch you and its help you to grow your business.

5. You can run ads on Youtube proper and good content then people will easily understand your company and they can contact you and you can also upload posts on Facebook and also run ads your company and you can explain everything in the ads and posts because then people will understand how your company work and explain your services and staff how they can work and how’s your company environment it helps you to grow your business.

6. Digital marketing will also help you to grow your business in a very short time you can create your business website and explain all details for your company and then start blogging and posts content and images your company and run your website ads on youtube and Facebook because most of the people will active in these platforms. Take advantage to grow your business in a very short time for taking help of digital marketing for better grow